Fashion Designer: Alan Ta

Alan Ta is a young Vietnamese designer and Founder of Just Ta Designs.

After completing his degree in Pharmaceutical studies, he decided to chase after his real dream and study Fashion Design at the LaSalle College in Montreal, where he now resides.

When asked how he got started with his career, Alan tells me “It’s all because of Facebook”.

In March of 2013, Alan created a Facebook page so he could upload images and sketches of his projects. He found this was a great way to keep him motivated and a platform to showcase his talent. Much to his surprise, his fan base kept on getting bigger and bigger. ” In no time I had over 7000 Likes” Alan says, with a look of amazement on his face.

Once he realized people loved what he did and wanted to see more and more, he decided to get serious about his career as a designer and began working on more projects. With the help of his brother Stevo, they found photographers, models, hair and makeup artists and were able to shoot Alan’s first campaign.

In August of 2014, Alan’s hard work finally paid off. He showcased his line during Toronto Men’s Fashion Week. Being his first ever runway presentation, Alan was a bit nervous.

After completing his first runway show, Alan was very proud of himself and impressed by the spectacular feedback he received from press, colleagues and buyers. This motivated Alan to keep on working hard and create more designs.

In the months following, Alan’s family collected fabrics from around the world for him to be able to use in future collections. One day, he decided to make something out of these fabrics he now had stored in his workshop. ” I took them all out and scattered them across the tables in my workshop”. He then sorted them out by colour and started pairing them to create pieces. This is how his recent collection took life.

Alan started 2015 with a bang. He showcased “Just Ta” during Toronto Men’s Fashion Week in February of 2015. This is just the beginning for Alan Ta. His list of “Things to do” in 2015 include: mass production of his collections, return to school for marketing and management of his business, stay busy creating new pieces and much more.

When asked where he will be in 10 years from now, Alan says “Happy. Stay happy, work hard but in the end, make sure you’re happy”. His goal in 10 years is to have his very own Fashion House where young talent can come get help. ” If they need help financially or help with technique, making connections, I want this to be a place where I can help them achieve their goals, I could be a mentor”.

I asked Alan if he had any advice for up and coming designers. He had a very beautiful message to share. “Always be yourself, be humble. Most designers or industry individuals think they are higher or superior than other people. I never think of myself as higher than anyone. I do this because I love it, it’s what I love to do. I don’t want to compete with anyone”.

You can find Alan online here: