FAT 2015 | Fashion Art Toronto | Day 3

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion - I LOVE!

On Thursday, April 23rd I attended Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) for a few runway show presentations. This was my first time attending FAT and I must say, I was very impressed! The staff were very friendly, the designers impressed me with their amazing talent and the venue is located near downtown which is tremendously convenient! 

Last night was huge for my friend Brandon Keir who launched his collection "Top Of The World". This was Brandon's first time showing at FAT or in Toronto for that matter. His collection was very well received and his music mix had the crowd dancing and having a great time! 

This is just the beggining for this young 21 year old designer. I see his name in bright lights, you better keep an eye on him! For more information on Brandon, visit http://brandonkeir.com/ 

For most of the designers, this was my first time seeing their work. I've selected my favourite looks for the night. You can see them below!

I look forward to attending more FAT events in the near future and bringing you more great finds from our talented Canadian designers.

My evening started out with designer Maya Charbin. Lebanese-born and based in Toronto, Maya Charbin describes her design aesthetic in a way that marries global textile traditions with experimentation of unconventional materials. http://www.mayacharbin.com/

Following Maya was the incredibly talented Sandra Al-Dabbagh. Sandra showed her very first collection, titled Artematics. She says this collection is inspired by elements of the scientific and mathematical world comprising of fractal art, harmonographs, symbols, and 3D calculus functions. 

I found her collection very eye catching and interesting. You just could not look away and she kept on keeping me in "Awe" everytime a new piece would come out! For more on Sandra, click HERE 

Next for me was my dear friend Brandon Keir. This was his first collection since graduating from Fashion School. "Top Of The World" made its debut and let me tell you, it was a success! From neutral colours to bright colours, Brandon found a way to make it all work perfectly. Brandon had some of Toronto's most Famous Drag Queens walk for his show which was an added bonus and was well very received by the design community. For more on Brandon,visit http://brandonkeir.com/

Up next, we have the talented Andy Jones! With 10 years under his belt, Andy Jones is no stranger to the design community. His collection, #Work2015 was inspired by the sexuality of women throughout history, modern clean lines with an edge, and futuristic metallic that convey a Scientific allure. His colours were inspired by galaxy prints and then translated into the garments. See below for my favourites from #Work2015. For more on Andy, visit http://www.dulareebyandyjones.com

Last but not least is the talented Matthew Ngan. Here is what Matthew had to say about his new collection "White Rainbow". "This collection was inspired by my favourite anime, Sailor Moon. Her transformation from everyday girl to superhero (Super S) embodies Sailor Moon from a nude figure to princess." I was blown away by his collection. The colours were all so pretty, the pieces, nice and flowy and his models were #Werkin' it!! For more on Matthew, click HERE