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Flynn is loving his new Kona Blanket!

Flynn is loving his new Kona Blanket!

Hey everyone!

Today I want to shed light on an amazing organization that I came across a few months ago called "Kona Benellie".

Kona Benellie came to life when Founder Jessica Mashkevich decided she wanted to improve lives by offering a versatile & comfortable product.

Armed with a very small budget, a pair of scissors, her vision and still maintaining her full time job and raising her family, Jessica Mashkevich made Kona Benellie come to life in 2010.

The magnificent 4-in-1 "OmniRobe" (found HERE) appeared on the TODAY Show and the ’THROWBEE blanket-poncho’ (found HERE) aired twice on QVC, selling out in minutes! 

Along with those two amazing products, they also have the "Kona Pet Blanket" (foundHERE). 

This is where it gets better...

During a visit to a local animal shelter in the spring of 2014, Jessica noticed that the puppies had very little to bring them comfort and security. Shelter life is very stressful and the concrete floors can be cold and uncomfortable for the little ones. During the visit, Jessica discovered that blankets are at the top of shelter wish lists nationwide. This is when she knew she could help make a difference.

From that day on, she decided that her company would match EACH customer purchase and help by donating a new blanket to a shelter dog in need. One for one. The blankets would instantly bring the dogs comfort and warmth as they await their forever home. - AMAZING, I told you! <3

Since that day, They have already donated thousands of new blankets nationwide to rescues and shelters large and small. But the journey has only just begun. Over 7 million animals enter shelters nationwide each year.

You can ALL help and make a difference in the lives of these anmials. This is a GREAT product; durable, comfy and beautiful. With Christmas fast approaching, this is the BEST gift of giving!

Click HERE to visit the Kona Benellie website and help a shelter dog! *Use PROMO Code: "Jesse" to receive 20% off your purchase!!

From one dog lover to another, Jessica and I thank YOU! XOX

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