Hilary Duff - "Sparks" Video

 Hilary Duff fans rejoice!

Hilary Duff released her brand new video for Sparks last week and it has over 8 Million views on Vevo! Pretty impressive but I would not expect less from the triple threat MEGA Star! 

As if one video wasn't enough to get us excited for what (in my opinion) will be the summer song of 2015. Hilary released a Tinder inspired video as well!

In the "Tinder" Sparks Video (my favourite) you see Hilary in interviews talking about how she got started on the dating app we all love, Tinder. 

If that wasn't enough, she gives us a behind the scenes look of her in interviews, backstage and on REAL DATES. Yes, you will get to see Hilary out on dates with very sexy men she has met on Tinder!

Can you imagine being on Tinder and Hilary Duff pops up on your screen? Goodness lord I'd be like "heyyy let's be friends". But seriously, this happened to some very lucky men and Hilary swiped right!

The video is beautifully styled and her makeup is flawless! Retro looking outfits and lot's of colour from the 4 different looks.

It's so fun to see Hilary let loose and enjoy herself on real dates with real people. Something she says she's never done before! "I've always had serious relationships and met my boyfriends through work" - Hilary Duff

Now the singer says she's enjoying her time with men she would not get a chance to hang out with usually. "Go do something crazy, go do something you wouldn't do before" - Hilary Duff

Now the question is... If you would see Hilary on Tinder, would you swipe right or left?