IDS 2016 | Opening Night | Jillian Harris | Top Picks

IDS 2016 | Opening Night | Jillian Harris | Top Picks

Hello lovelies!

Thursday was the opening night party for the Interior Design Show!

I had such a great time seeing the best of the best in the design world!

The drinks were flowing, the music was bumping and everyone was having a wonderful time!

Such a great way to kick start IDS 2016!

Take a look below to see a few shots of the evening!

After getting a glimpse of the amazing design and installations on Thursday night, I decided I had to return on Saturday to be able to see it ALL! Take a peak below to see some of my top picks for IDS16!

1. Habitat For Humanity

This Lego house was built by 17 people using 38 000 mega blocks and took them 2 days to build! They are currently deciding what to do next with the home. Some people would love to see the home travel across Canada and make stops at Sick Kids Hospitals where children could play in the house. I honestly think this would be a phenomenal idea and would help brighten these kids days! You can donate by purchasing a virtual brick online. Your donation will then be used to purchase real bricks and build real homes for people in need. Click HERE to donate!

2. Roll Out

Roll Out provides architects, interior designers and clients an amazing wallpaper design experience. They have a wide variety of designs, colours and patterns to choose from! Roll Out wallcoverings are commercial grade type II vinyl, ideal for hospitality, retail, and workspace interiors. They are based in Toronto and provide service across Canada, North America and overseas. They have been in the business since 2005. Check out many of the other designs by clicking HERE

3. Art 2 Lights

For more than two decades, their team has been collecting images of unique and captivating street art discovered in urban public environments around the world equaling to a catalogue of over 18 000 photographs. They create beautiful lamps and light frames... This is where Art meets light! 

1 - Choose Artwork

2 - Choose Lamp Style

3 - Choose Size

4 - Review

Click HERE to see the full list of images available!

4. Montauk Sofa

This was definitely the most comfy sofa at IDS this year. Not only was it very

comfortable, it is also the biggest sofa I have ever seen! I need to come visit the person who can fit this in their house! #Winning

You can view all of Montauk's collections by clicking HERE.

5. Jillian Harris

I must admit, the highlight of IDS for me this year was definitely meeting the incredible, Jillian Harris. You may remember Jillian from her "The Bachelor" & "The Bachelorette" days but what most people don't know is that she was an interior decorator WAY before her "search for love" days!

Jillian worked at an interior decorating store which led to her career in interior decorating. She formalized her credentials in 2006 with a certificate from BCIT in interior design.

You can say that her TV days helped take her career to the next level, that's for sure! Since appearing on the Hit TV Shows, Jillian has had many opportunities come her way.

She was a designer on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", Headlined the Calgary Home + Design Show, Hosted Season One of "Canada's Handyman Challenge" and now has her very own show "Love It Or List It Vancouver" (Canada) & "Love It Or List It Too" (USA). 

If all that work wasn't enough, Jillian also blogs full time where you’ll find; fashion, food, decor, fitness, travel, life gossip, and a brand new shop filled with her favourite things! You can visit her blog by clicking HERE

Jillian mentioned during our chat that she is very grateful of all the things that have come her way. For the most part, people are very supportive and that helped her deal with the "overnight stardom". 

I wouldn't be surprised if we see a baby in the near future for Jillian and her beau, Justin Passuto.

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