JoJo "I Am JoJo Tour" - Toronto

JoJo "I Am JoJo Tour" - Toronto

Hello lovelies!

Last month, I had the chance to go see JoJo perform LIVE here in Toronto.

I have been a huge JoJo fan since day one. Of course, when I heard she was coming to Toronto, tickets were already sold out - bummer, I know. 

I decided it was worth it to check out StubHub and see if tickets were still available.

Luckily there was a few tickets available but the trolls were selling them for SO MUCH more than face value. I decided to bite the bullet and still buy a ticket because I wanted to support my girl, JoJo!

Am I ever happy I did! It was truly a night I will remember for the rest of my life!

The evening was a beautiful trip down memory lane and also showcased what JoJo has in store for us now that she is back!

For those of you who are not "in the know" on this, JoJo had an ugly legal battle with her previous record label. They were going down the drain and were refusing her the right to release new music. 

After a few years of JoJo trying to make it work with the label to find a solution, she decided it was time to take legal action. JoJo ended up winning in her case in court and was granted the rights to her voice again. Can you imagine not owning the rights to your OWN singing voice - That's insane!!

I am so thrilled that she is back and ready to take on the world! Be sure to check out to stay up to date with everything JoJo!

Take a look below for a few images and highlights of the evening!

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