Laura Cavacece NEW Single "Go Now"

Laura Cavacece NEW Single "Go Now"

Happy Monday, #MusicMonday that is.

I'm happy to announce that this will be a weekly feature on my blog! Every Monday, I will be posting about artists I believe my friends, familly and followers should know about!

I could not imagine starting the #MusicMonday tradition off with anyone other than the beautiful and talented Laura Cavacece!

Laura Cavacece is no stranger to the music industry. From a very young age, Cavacece knew she was destined to be a performer.

Saying she's accomplished that is an understatement; Singer, Songwriter, Performer, NFL Anthem Performer, Producer, Actress, Vocal Coach and Founder of Canada's Largest Vocal Competition - Hidden Talent Canada. 

Laura Cavacece is genuinely in it for the sake of the music. This comes as no surprise seeing that she put her very own musical career on hold in order to help others shine bright. Cavacece launched her very own succesful vocal competition "Hidden Talent Canada" which kicks off Season 8 on Sunday, September 13th. To find out more about Hidden Talent Canada visit 

We are happy to announce that Laura Cavacece is BACK! With her new single "Go Now" just released last month, this is just the beggining for Cavacece. It has been rumoured the 26 year old will be releasing her EP in September which will include 5 new songs. 

Cavacece wrote "Go Now" with Kareem James and Jordan Lewis of L.A label, OSS Productions. "Go Now" is available on iTunes HERE.

“I want people to be able to relate to things I have to say about life, love and virtues through my lyrics in my songs.” says Cavacece

Do yourself a favour and listen to this angelic voice. Strong vocals which gives us a Christina Aguilera feel. 

You certainly don't want to miss out on what Laura has coming for us next!

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Instagram: @lauracecemusic
Twitter: @LauraCavacece
YouTube Channel: Laura Cavacece

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