Stef Lang - "Burn It To The Ground" NEW Video

Hi lovelies!

OK you guys, I am SO excited about my girl Stef Lang's NEW music video! I've known Stef for about 5 years now and she is truly a gem!

You may remember Stef Lang from her hit song "Mr. Immature" which gained incredible success on mainstream radio and hit #5 on "The Billboard Chart for Canadian Emerging Artist". 

No matter where you are from, you were singing along to this great tune! "If I wanted a child then I would have had a baby" (Probably my favourite line EVER when guys are being douche-bags!). 

Don't remember the song? Check it out here:

Stef is an incredible Canadian singer-songwriter and producer who now resides in New-York City. What really impresses me is that she literally does it ALL. From booking her own shows, writing her own lyrics, producing her own albums, this girl is on FIRE! A very good example that when you work hard and never give up, good things come your way!

Take a look below to see all the awesomeness Stef Lang is!

If you didn't realize it before, now you do! Stef is no stranger to success and she truly is pure talent. I am so excited for what is coming next for Stef Lang! The music video for her latest single "Burn It To The Ground" was just released and of course, it's Ah-Mazing!

Check it out for yourself here:

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Her latest EP "Arrows Pt.1" is available on iTunes HERE

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