Bermuda Vacation

Bermuda Vacation


Good morning, lovelies!  

I just recently got back from Bermuda and I had the absolute best time! Bermuda is a small island but has so many great things to offer! I had the pleasure of staying at two hotels during my stay, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club and Fairmont Southampton.

Our first stop was the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

This hotel is directly in Hamilton and right on the Harbour. The views are spectacular, the infinity pool is to die for and the food is incredible! I love the location of this hotel as it is right downtown Hamilton, making it very convenient to enjoy time out in the city.

I've added a few pictures below so you all can see how incredible this property is!

Enjoying coffee our first morning in Bermuda overlooking the Harbour views. Side note... the coffee is phenomenal! Locally made coffee is the best!


The incredible infinity pool overlooking the harbour. 


Relaxing the day away...


Enjoying drinks and watching the sunset from the infinity pool. 


Another sunset shot. 


Beach Club! The hotel offers a private shuttle (with wifi) to their private beach club. You would never know you're away from the hotel... Full bar, restaurant, facilities and lots of activities to do! We decided to do some kayaking! :)


Beach Club! Kayaks, paddle boards, snorkelling... They also have this cool buzzer system where you basically just page your server if you need a drink refill... Yup, pretty relaxing!


Hamilton City! Approximately a 10 min walk (max) from the hotel. You will find shops, restaurants, bars and incredible views! The city is very clean, people are friendly and it is very safe. Loved spending our evenings strolling through the streets! 


I just adore the vibrant colours in the city! How can you not be happy when you're in Bermuda?!


After an incredible 3 night stay at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, it was time to pack our bags and go visit the Fairmont Southampton! This hotel is located on the South shore of Bermuda. The beach is on location and they have a massive golf course as well. Very much more of a resort feel to this location! Again, staff is incredible and so is the food!

Check out the views from our room when we checked!


This beach is full service as well. You can see the hotel on the top right of the photo. You can walk to the beach but it's just as easy to hop on the shuttle that runs every 7 mins! 


Beautiful beach at Southampton


I just can't get over the beauty...


Go Pro action at the beach!


Boat ride pulling into the Fairmont Southampton. 


I had such an amazing time in Bermuda! I'm already looking at flights to return ASAP! I hope you loved seeing my pictures and I hope you too will get the chance to experience Bermuda! If you're looking for more information on either property, check out

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