Cavendish Beach Music Festival 2017

Good morning lovelies! It's day ONE of Cavendish Beach Music Festival!

I am SO EXCITED to be back! I still remember my first time here back in 2009 when it all first started! 

I'm traveling with my friend Cynthia this weekend and we can't wait to get out to the festival grounds and have a great time!

We are looking forward to an amazing weekend of great country music and I'm also looking forward to interviewing a few of the artists! I'll be updating my Instagram story on the regular so be sure to follow me @JesseHazen. 

First thing's first this morning... We are off to find the nearest Tim Hortons, I can't start my morning without first indulging in my coffee! Anyone else feel this way?!

Then, it's time to enjoy some pool time before starting hair and makeup!

Take a peak below to see the Artists we will be seeing this weekend!


Artist Lineup

Friday, July 7th

5:00PM - ENDLESS SUMMER (Kitchen Stage)

6:00PM - GORD BAMFORD (Main Stage)

7:45PM - HIGH VALLEY (Main Stage)

9:30PM - LITTLE BIG TOWN (Main Stage)

Artist Lineup

Saturday, July 8th

1:45PM - ANDREW HYATT (Main Stage)


3:00PM - MADELINE MERLO (Main Stage)

5:00PM - BILLY RAY CYRUS (Kitchen Stage)

6:00PM - KANE BROWN (Main Stage)

7:30PM - CHAD BROWNLEE (Main Stage)

9:30PM - KIP MOORE (Main Stage)

Artist Lineup

Sunday, July 9th

1:00PM - LUCAS HOGE (Main Stage)

3:00PM - JJ SHIPLETT (Kitchen Stage)

4:00PM - JESSICA MITCHELL (Main Stage)

6:00PM - TIM HICKS (Main Stage)

6:45PM - STEPHANIE QUAYLE (Sirius XM Stage)


7:30PM - BROTHERS OSBORNE (Main Stage)



9:00PM - ZAC BROWN BAND (Main Stage) 



There you have it, the artists we will be seeing this weekend! For a full list of performers, please visit 

Stay tuned for interviews with Madeline Merlo, Lucas Hoge and Sthephanie Quayle. Dont forget, if you want to keep up with my #CBMF adventures, follow along on Instagram: @JesseHazen

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