In The Spotlight: Gabriela Geneva

In The Spotlight: Gabriela Geneva

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We all know a good song when we hear one. We can't get the song out of our head, we catch ourselves singing the chorus out loud whenever the song comes on and we end up wanting to know more about the artist behind the song. This is exactly what happened to me when I first heard "You Were Right". Check out the song below to hear for yourself and keep on scrolling to learn more about Gabriela Geneva!

I’m very particular about what’s being said in my songs, and what it means.
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Where Were You Born?

I was born in Haskovo, Bulgaria.

Where Did You Grow Up?

I grew up in a few places because we’ve moved around so much. Bulgaria till I was 9, London (England) till I was 15, and Vancouver (Canada) after that.

When Did You Start Singing?

I’ve sang for as long as I can remember but one of the first memories I have is singing along with Ariel when Ursula takes her voice. I must have been about 3 or 4.

What Inspires You?

People who have a passion and love for something and they give their everything to nurture those passions. Whether that be a passion for family, or music, or food, or writing, etc. People who are kind, and generous, and loving inspire me. 

Favourite Food?

I am always in the mood for anything Italian. I mean you get it all: the cheese, the carbs, the meat. What’s not to love?!

Favourite Colour?

I realize my hair is purple but my favorite colour is actually turquoise. Shocking, I know.

Favourite Social Media Platform?

Instagram, hands down. I’m such a visual person, I love photography and graphic design. I love aesthetically pleasing things, that’s why as nerdy as it might sound to someone I take pride in how my Instagram looks. I like the planning and the matching of the colour schemes, and all that stuff.

Dream Collaboration?

I’d love to work with Max Martin and Ryan Tedder. They’re two of the best writers of our generation in my opinion and having the chance to create anything with them would be a dream come true.

Celebrity Artist You Look Up To?

Camila Cabello right now is killing the game. I love how she carries herself and I love how she’s making music that is so emotionally charged. I love how real she is.

Favourite Thing About Performing?

I love having that connection with people in the audience. I find it’s always such a give and take, we charge each other, and I love that. I can’t wait to go on tour.

What Is Next For Gabriela?

I am super excited for my upcoming EP. Since moving to Toronto last year I’ve just been writing and writing and I can’t wait to show everyone what I’ve been working on <3

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