I'm Going To Nashville!

Good morning lovelies! I hope everyone is having a great week so far. My week started out AMAZING! I booked my trip to Nashville yesterday and I'll be visiting from February 8th to February 13th.

I'm so excited to finally take a vacation and have a little bit of downtime, but most importantly, I'm excited to see my dad's new album come to life. For those who do not know, my dad is a country recording artist. He will be recording his 8th solo studio album which will be released in May of this year.

I can't wait to share some behind the scenes of Studio Life and also bring you along the journey and exploring the beautiful city of Nashville. Another thing that I am definitely looking forward to is the Martina McBride and Lauren Alaina concert which will be happening on February 11th. These two country divas will be performing at the Iconic Ryman Auditorium... This will be a night to remember!

I actually had the pleasure of meeting both Martina and Lauren in the past. I met Martina in Saint-John, New-Brunswick, during my chubby days before one of her concerts. Lauren Alaina, I actually had as one of my passengers when I used to be a Flight Attendant. Both we're very friendly and incredibly beautiful (see for yourself below)!

I'm so excited to visit Nashville! If you have any recomendations of things I should do during my visit or if you're from there, please comment below or send me a message on social media!



After the sad news of @merlehaggardofficial passing yesterday, I find it important that today's #ThrowbackThursday goes out to a lady who I believe is also a Legend in #CountryMusic 🎤 Today's #TBT goes back to my "chunkier" days of high school with an innocent face full of pimples - LOL. Most importantly, this post is to thank @martinamcbride for taking the time to come say hello on that day in #SaintJohn #NewBrunswick 🇨🇦 Back then, I didn't understand the music business as much as I do now. Having worked in the #MusicBusiness for the last few years, I have met many artists. Some of a higher celebrity status and others that are just starting out. No matter what your celebrity status is, I find it EXTREMELY important to never forget who brought you where you're at. Of course, music execs, producers, radio personalities, media and many other people behind the scenes are what makes for a successful artist BUT what keeps them successful is their fans. #MartinaMcBride realizes that and continues to be kind and generous to her #Fans 🌟 Not only did she come out to say hello to the people who had been waiting HOURS by her bus before the show, she even took time AFTER the show to take a few pics and thank everyone for coming out that might. This was my first time seeing Martina and man oh man did she ever put on a great show. This motto in life does not only apply to #Superstars and #Legends but to everyone out there. People might not remember exactly what you said to them but they will definitely remember how you made them feel. That day, Martina made me feel appreciated and very lucky! • #CountryMusic #MartinaMcBride #Concert #JesseHazen #MusicBlogger #Blogger #Nashville #CelebsBlogger #CelebsBlog #Celebs

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