NEVER Change For Anyone. If It Makes YOU Happy, DO IT!

Good morning friend, thank you for stopping by! You might want to grab a coffee, this could be a long one.

Growing up and trying to "fit in" can be such a scary thing for most kids and teenagers. For me, I just never really cared about what people thought of me. I like to think I was lucky for feeling that way. I guess I can thank my parents for raising me well and teaching me to be happy with who I am. 

Fast forward to now, I'm a 20-something year old gay boy, living in a big city, putting myself out there on social media for the world to see, to judge, to make fun of... One must think it can be a scary thing. For most people, it is. For me, It's not. I still have the same mentality I did when I was a young boy... Why care about what people think? If it makes you happy, do it!

You might be thinking "Why is he telling me this right now?". Well, it's because of the comments people sometimes make. The comments that come up more often each and every day. They don't affect me, BUT, I can't help but wonder "Who do you think you are to say these things to me?".

I am a strong believer of doing whatever it is that makes you HAPPY, that makes you feel BEAUTIFUL, that makes you feel EMPOWERED, that makes you feel like you can ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING, that makes you feel like YOU.

I love to use this example... I always say there are "2 Jesse's"... "Work Jesse" and "Normal Jesse".

"Work Jesse" will be all Glammed up. Hair, makeup, killer outfits, events, runway shows, concerts, interviewing celebrities, filming TV shows, Vlogs, Blogging, etc... 

"Normal Jesse" will have no makeup, sweatpants, hoodie, ball cap, glasses. I will want to stay in with pizza & Netflix, go see a movie, go for a bike ride, Camping, etc...

To me, having the "2 Jesse's" has become a normal thing and I love both. However, not everyone understands it. I find this comes up the most when I'm thinking about dating, finding someone to share my life with, etc...

I will receive comments from strangers and acquaintances alike... "You look so much better without the makeup", "Why do you have to get all done up for these things", "I don't understand that lifestyle, it's as if you're living two lives". 

I'm not going to lie... At first, it made me think that maybe I should change some of the things I was doing. "Maybe that's why I'm still single", "no one gets it". These are some of the things I would tell myself. People aren't able to differentiate the two and that made me question myself, made me think that "maybe if I want to find a partner, I'm going to have to change a few things about me".

This lasted about 10 mins. Then, I had to shake my head and say "WTF are you talking about?". "WHY change for someone?". "Is whatever it is you're doing making you happy?". The answer to that was, YES.

I realized that if I was having these thoughts, so many other people out there are probably having them too.

I decided I had to speak up and share my own experience. I want to enforce my mantra; "Doing whatever it is that makes you HAPPY, that makes you feel BEAUTIFUL, that makes you feel EMPOWERED, that makes you feel like you can ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING, that makes you feel like YOU."

Don't change for anyone. You are YOU. You are perfect just the way you are. The people who don't see that... They don't deserve to be around you. Can you promise me one thing? Yes? Ok! Always ask yourself "Is this making me happy". If the answer is yes, you're good, keep on doing it. If the answer is No, find out what it is that is not making you happy and find ways to bring the happiness back. I want to end this with one of my favourite quotes

 “Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”

Thank you for visiting the blog today and remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, NEVER CHANGE. <3