Good morning lovelies! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am SO PUMPED!!! So many artists have released new music in the past few days and I've been jamming out HARD.

I NEED to share these new tunes with all of you or else it would feel like I am committing a MAJOR crime!

Grab your coffee and get your dancing pants on!


This girl is on FIRE! She's been releasing hit after hit. I freaking love ROZES. I had the chance to interview her in Toronto a few years back and she is literally the coolest person ever. Check out her NEW single "Famous" below! <3 Click HERE to download! 


Up next on my "must hear" list is "Low Profile" by the super stylish, super awesome, freaking cool Command Sisters! Not only do I want to dress like them but DAMN would I like to sound like them. These girls are incredibly talents and their new single is amazing! Listen to "Low Profile" below and click HERE to download! 


I have ALWAYS been such a fan of Kelly but lately, I've been OVERLY obsessed. I spend hours a day watching her interviews... Girl is so REAL. I love when celebs are so down to earth and genuine. Her new album is dropping October 27th and she's been dropping a few new songs. One of my favs at the moment is "Love So Soft". Check it out below and click HERE to download! 


I've been going crazy all weekend. Shania Twain as a NEW ALBUM.... Let's go over that one more time... SHANIA TWAIN HAS A NEW ALBUM. After 15 years, the Queen of Country music has returned! For those of you who know me. You all know how much love I have for this woman. To the point where my parents slept outside for 2 nights when I was about 5 years old to secure tickets for her concert (my parents are the best).  Check out her debut single "Life's About To Get Good" below and click HERE to listen to the entire album! 


I got to meet these incredibly talented girls last time I was in Nashville! I've been following their career since the beginning. You can imagine the excitement when they started teasing new music! The moment has finally arrived, the girls have just released two new songs! Check out "Psycho" below and click HERE to hear "White Noise".


OK..Who remembers "little" Rachel Crow?! NEWS FLASH... She ain't so little anymore! Girl has a new single out and dang, can this girl sing!!! She has definitely come a long way since her days on "X-Factor". Check out her new single below and click HERE to download! 

Do you have a song you think I should hear?! Send me a message HERE! :)

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