Super Bowl LI | Lady Gaga Halftime Show

Super Bowl LI | Lady Gaga Halftime Show

Good morning my lovelies!

As most of you probably already know, last night was the Super Bowl A.K.A the Football game at the Lady Gaga concert! (ha!ha!...First time you heard that one, right?!..NOT)

ANYHOW, my friends Tito and John hosted an incredible "GAGA BOWL" party and it was EVERYTHING... I wanted to share a few pictures from the evening with all of you!

Let's start with some yummy food!

First off, the "Swine" rolls - YUM!

The delicious chicken wings. I was too busy chowing down to notice what these were called (OOPS!)... 

The "Joanne" sangria! (Tito's specialty!)

Album cover cupcakes! How cool?!

"Bad Romance" Brownies!

"Poker Face" Pretzels!

"Donatella" Doritos... Spent the whole evening munching on these... oops!

How cute is the beverage station?! - "Judas" Juice, "Art Pop", "Aura" Aqua & "Grigio Girls" Sangria!

"Gaga Bowl" Cookies! I forgot to eat some of these... So sad!!!

Can't get over the "Gaga Cupcakes"!!!

Let's get the party started! :) <3

Ty, Tito & Lex!


Matt & Tito serving us delicious sangria!

The BEST hosts out there! THANK YOU BOYS!! XOX (Tito & John)

Had to get a picture with my girl, Gaga! <3

All smiles with Tito! :) - Obsessed with his "Slay" Gaga shirt!

Ty, Myself & Tito! <3

My little booboo Matt! :)

Super Bowl #OOTD

Now the moment we were all waiting for... Gaga's AMAZING performance!!!

Not gonna lie... I'm not necessarily a huge Gaga fan but she slayed this performance, it was simply incredible! I think it's time to see her in concert, now!!!

Before you go ahead and watch the clip, I wanted to end the blog post by thanking Tito & John for hosting an incredible evening and for inviting me. You guy's are the best and I love you! xox

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