ROZES & Nicky Romero "Where Would We Be" NEW Song


Another Hit Song for ROZES


ROZES releases new single "Where Would We Be" in collaboration with producer, Nicky Romero. Best known for her vocals on The Chainsmokers' "Roses," Galantis' "Girls and Boys," and Cash Cash's "Matches." The singer proves once again that her husky voice and dance vibes are what she does best!

The song reflects back on high school days, simpler times and romance. "I never thought that one day I'd look back at high school and think, 'wow, I kinda miss it.'" ROZES says. "This song is me learning that sometimes when we grow, we grow apart, and it's not a bad thing, because it means we're becoming who we're truly meant to be. Even if we sometimes wonder what could've been." 

ROZES is currently working on her forthcoming EP and if the new single is any indication of what fans can expect, we are all in for a great treat! 

Check out the new song below!


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