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Good evening my lovelies!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR... Secondly, sorry for the lack of updating... Things have been pretty busy! I had the chance to travel to New-Brunswick for the holidays to see my friends and family and I have not had a break since returning to Toronto.

I've been running around prepping things for 2017, creating content for the new year and getting things set up for several photo shoots. I'm so excited for 2017, it's going to be a busy one!

I wanted to share a few pics and videos from my trip to New-Brunswick... PS, I FAILED at Vlogging or taking many pics for that matter. I just realized now that I didn't even take any pics with my parents, EPIC FAIL.  

I know I don't have many images or videos to share but I really had a great Xmas. I wanted to spend time with friends and family and not focus on capturing everything on film or in pictures. It had been over a year since seeing my family and friends, it felt amazing to be surrounded by all the people I love!

Alas, here are a few memories made during my trip home to NB!

Off to the Airport! Shout-Out to LUG for my wicked "Shuttle Bus Wheelie" travel bag! Check them out HERE

Photo 2016-12-24, 5 36 35 PM.jpg

Please excuse the no-makeup Jesse... Enjoying Xmas morning with my loved ones! <3

It's not a fun Xmas without alcohol... Here I am doing shots with my Grandma! LOL

Doing shots with my grandma! Merry Xmas everyone! 🎅🏼❤

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I believe this game was on EVERYONE'S wish-list this year... My little cousins literally FORCED me to play "Pie-Face"... Enjoy this no-makeup Jesse getting PIE'D!!! hehe

It's not a fun night without #pieintheface 😂

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Spent an amazing evening with my girls! It was great to catch up and play "Watch Yo Mouth".

I want to end this post by thanking you ALL for a wonderful 2016... Here's to 2017 and building many more memories with you all!